Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Center / Tsurumi Peninsula Ecotuorism

Protect turtle, protect our sea.

Saiki city is the largest city in Kyushu Island and has coastline which total length is about 270kilometres. Geographically this deeply indented coastline is known as Nippo kaigan Quasi-National Park due to it’s beautiful rias coastline.
Tsurumi peninsula locate at the end of east in Kyushu. In this rural area, we newly established a facility called “CARAPACE” to take care sea turtle designated as endangered species.
This place is to protect sea turtle from fix fishing net bycatch and for taking care until they are able to return to sea safely.
And under our program provided, you can experience and see how they were recovered in this facility.

We named this place as “CARAPACE” means hard shell which protect sea turtle from external enemies. With our strong thoughts to protect sea turtle and sea, we believe this place can be frontline for conservation.

This program offer you a valuable experience to see how we can take care to make them
Sea Turtle Conservation Experience Program

return to home sea. Let’s touch and feel them!

Price:¥1,000〜 per person

Date:May 1-Octorber 31 (except Tuesday)

Maximum number of participants:10


Age:over 3

Sea Turtle Conservation Experience Program / Sea Turtle Research Experience Program

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Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Center |CARAPACE

Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Center |CARAPACE

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551 Shimokajiyose Tsurumi Saiki city, Oita prefecture 876-1312

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